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Here are some of the main reasons you may want to replace your siding.

Siding may crack from old age, UV exposure, cold temperatures, inferior products, and faulty installation. Wood siding ages and if it doesn’t receive the proper maintenance, it will become vulnerable to the elements and it too will crack. Cracks in vinyl and wood siding can be repaired by replacing the affected areas. However, as the siding comes to the end of its age of usefulness, it may need replaced.

Aluminum siding is quite simple to dent, small rocks can damage the siding if thrown hard enough. Even hailstorms may cause damage to siding. Sometimes, every day tasks such as mowing the lawn can cause rocks and debris to chip away at the siding causing dents on the surface. Areas that are more prone to traffic tend to get dents and chips from normal daily use.

Warping can happen from high heat or improper installation. Unlike wood siding, vinyl siding must be hung from fasteners to allow for expansion and contraction with temperature variations. If vinyl siding is nailed tight, it prevents the siding from moving, therefore resulting in warping and buckling. Since the Albany area is exposed to the four seasons, high temperatures in the summer tend to warp and twist the siding, while the freezing temperatures in the winter make it more prone to chipping and cracking.

Siding of all types, however strong they are, may eventually require some repair. If the siding is in good shape, replacing the affected areas can solve the problem. It is always good to save some extra pieces of leftover siding from the installation specifically for this purpose. If you already have siding installed on your home and find that you have need of repair services we are here to help.

Chalking, flaking and mold
As siding begins to age, the elements will many times cause it to chalk, flake and fade. Although technology has greatly improved to solve this problem, older installed siding is not immune from this. Aluminum and vinyl siding will tend to chalk and fade throughout the years. Wood siding is more prone to chipping and cracking as the wood is less forgiving to the drastic temperature changes.

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